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About Sasha

This brown-haired beauty likes to do everything in her power to invade your senses and give you as much pleasure as possible in as many ways as possible. She is young and loves to learn new things, however, she has enough experience to keep you locked down in a state of constant stimulation.

Age: 22
Location: Amsterdam, Olanda
Height: 170cm / Weight: 41kg
Bust: 80cm / Waist: 50cm / Hips: 83cm
Eyes: Blue / Hair: Brown
Availability: Outcall
Languages: English / German / French

Elegant but also animalistic she enjoys giving all that she has good in order to ensure that anyone who books her will always remember the experience. Whether it’s a night out or a slow, relaxing massage at the hotel, she is a fast learner who always wants to try out new experiences.